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Photo credit: Rebecca Shrom

About Frederic

Frederic Powers is an Asian-American voice actor currently based in Chicago, Illinois. With his versatile voice range and varied background and experiences, he is an excellent fit for your animation, radio/TV commercial, podcast, web series, corporate narration, or video game.

Frederic's wide scope of studies and experiences gives him a unique perspective and understanding of all sorts of industries. He has lived in Thailand, South Carolina, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Carolina again, and finally Chicago, and he studied both computer science and theatre at the University of South Carolina. He has worked in the theatre, healthcare, web development, and law industries, including his current position as a web developer at a major American law firm. His time spent working with clients in all sorts of fields means he can easily communicate with your clients in a way they understand.

That isn't to say Frederic's toolset is contained to those industries. His interests span all the way from TTRPG games like Dungeons & Dragons all the way to professional wrestling (they're not as different as you might think!). He's studied improv comedy at the iO Theater in Chicago, and this all comes together in his range of energetic, upbeat, passionate, diverse, engaging characters. He has a commanding lower register suited for the a grounded, realistic protagonist, but also an upper register perfect for the wacky, nervous sidekick.

And all this is before we get to Frederic's career as a content creator. Focusing primarily on TTRPG and Fighting Game-themed comedic sketches and instructional content, Frederic's work has grabbed the attention of industry-leading brands and companies within those spaces, including Wizards of the Coast. He's now done not only branded promotional posts on his TikTok profile, but also full commissioned sketches to be featured in large-scale FGC events, including Combo Breaker's Look Alive.

Age Range: Late teens to mid 40s

Voice Description: Conversational, Engaging, Relaxed, Sarcastic, Upbeat, Dry, Realistic, Fun, Commanding, Funny, Unique, Professional, Comedic, Enthusiastic, Nervous, Smooth, Endearing, Friendly

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